The Fulton Fence is a temporary installation in Fulton Street, New York City on view from November 14, 2007 through the spring of 2008. The project is a response to the effects of development; in particular the visual pollution created by the presence of construction sites in a small concentrated area. This website parallels the physical intervention in lower Manhattan, and explores the notion of "site" as both location and information. Learn more >

Fulton Fence - view from the SW corner of Fulton & Broadway.
Tape Screens
A near final prototype of the installation module specifications.


The Fulton Funce is located in Manhattan's Futlon Street, between Broadway and Nassau street. Open 24/7.
Cone Field
Info Nomenclature
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Tape animation
Construction Weaving
Vector Ceiling

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Delivery Garden
Jersey Stripes
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Urban Mixer
GeoURL : Sites near Fulton Fence (Near New York, NY, 10038 USA)
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Final prototype of the fence module. Oct. 2007.
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Light Paths
Reflective Strips
Flood Pipes

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In the 19th century, there was a Fulton Ferry service connecting this street to Brooklyn's Fulton street counterpart. Image:
Fulton Street, July 2007
The Fulton Transit Center being constructed here will open in 2009. It will connect 12 subway lines along Fulton St. Image: MTA.